Unbroken Circle Jam - Special Guests Tony Furtado & Orleans' John Hall

April 26, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Tony Furtado, a master of the banjo & slide guitar, joins our Sunday jam along with John Hall, front man for the rock band Orleans and former congressman. Also popping by is nonstop environmentalist and Earth Day champion Tia Nelson.

During the week Andy Revkin of Columbia University's Earth Institute hosts the Sustain What webcast exploring COVID-19 solutions and pathways toward post-pandemic resilience and sustainability.

On Sundays, the webcast becomes Unbroken Circle - a round robin of songs, poems stories, of community healing and cohesion, of hope. This week's special guests are banjo and slide guitar wizard Tony Furtado and John Hall, the front man from the band Orleans who did a stint in the U.S. Congress and has long been a passionate campaigner for environmental progress.

Regular guests include the NPR commentator and poet Andrei Codrescu, the Zambian songwriter Joseph Pupe, a passel of fine musicians including Dar Williams and Claudia Gibson. Special guests have included the Brazilian choro master Hamilton de Holanda, Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for the Rolling Stones and Allman Brothers, the poet Terry Tempest Williams, and the actor and green-living evangelist Ed Begley, Jr.