To Farm or Not to Farm: An Introduction to Index Insurance (Grades 6-8)

April 29, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Play a game with Dan! Students will take on the role farmers faced with decision making in changing climates. Within the game scenario, students will be asked to make decisions to play it safe, or to take a risk based on relevant climate data that will be presented. This activity will then be connected to real life situations that farmers are facing around the world in the face of climate change.

1) Hat
2) Different colored markers
3) Dice
4) Playing cards

Presenter: Dan Osgood, Research Scientist, International Research Institute for Climate and Society

Target audience: Grades 6 - 8


I have really loved these sessions and this was fantastic. I will definitely incorporate the information I've learned into my classroom lessons! - Shari, 6th/8th grade Science teacher, Chesterfield, VA


1. Financial Instruments - Read about the tools used by the Financial Instruments team at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society to help farmers better understand risk.

2. Insurance and Adaptation - Learn more from Dan by watching this video andhow farmer-driven index insurance can help manage climate risks and give farmers a sustainable/reliable future.

3. A Decade of Impact - On this site, watch the video or read about how index insurance is helping farmers and how technology is going to play a big role in building more tools that farmers are actually going to use.