Part one

Part two

The Tip of the Ice Sheet: What's Happening in Antarctica and Alaska (Grades 7-12)

April 15, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Part 1: In this lecture, Jonny Kingslake will take participants on an adventure traversing the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to measure the way the ice flows.

Part 2: In this lecture, Jonny Kingslake will take participants on a virtual field trip to Alaska. He'll provide more information about general glaciology and also share with you what's happening with the Juneau Icefield Research Program.

Presenter: Jonny Kingslake, Assistant Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Target audience: Grades 7 - 12


Thank you so much. I'm glad we were able to participate. We really enjoyed the presentation! Gaby, educator, Houston, TX


1. Antarctic Glaciers - Learn about the glaciology behind Antarctic’s ice, AND get in touch with a scientist to ask your questions about Antarctica.

2. Jonny's Fieldwork (Antarctica) - A time-lapse video of a skidoo traverse of the Ronne Ice Shelf during the 2013 – 2014 Austral summer.

3. Jonny's Fieldwork (Alaska) -Drone footage over the Juneau Icefield in 2018.

4. Jonny's Website - Check out Jonny’s website to learn more about being a glaciologist and all of the exciting research he is doing.

5. Juneau Icefield Research Program - You too can be a researcher at the Juneau Icefield in Alaska! Check out this student research program website to learn more about it and download an interest form.

6. NASA Flights Over Ice - This NASA website gives an overview of the satellite orbiting in space, measuring the Earth’s frozen and icy areas with laser pulses to track how they are changing in our warming climate. Check out the Fun Zone for videos and activities for K12 students.