The Sound of What’s Shaking (Grades 5-9)

April 20, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Join Genevieve for this interactive session where students will learn about seismology, the study of earthquakes. This session will explore seismic sounds, what those sounds mean, and how scientists use this information to better understand earthquakes.

Presenter: Genevieve Coffey, PhD Candidate, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Target audience: Grades 5-9


My daughters (aged 9 and 14) and I enjoyed this session on earthquakes, especially since we live in Japan and had experienced the Tohoku earthquake. Thanks for offering these great educational resources! -Sherry, parent, Japan


1. Seismic Sound Lab - Check out this website to listen to LOUD sounds and see images developed from seismic data collected from earthquakes.

2. Genevieve's Website - Click here to learn more about Genevieve and her work as a seismologist..

3. Earthquake Heat Maps - Learn about the clues left in the rocks by past earthquakes and how geologists use these clues to reconstruct seismic activity.