Sustaining Media Impact on a Pandemic during a Pandemic

June 26, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Even as the pandemic exacts its human toll, its economic impact is devastating local journalism. Here the Earth Institute's Andy Revkin explores how two news operations are maintaining regional impact with journalists from ProPublica Illinois and Puerto Rico’s Center for Investigative Journalism / Centro de Periodismo Investigativo.


From ProPublica Illinois:

Louise Kiernan, editor-in-chief
Reporters Duaa Eldeib and Akilah Johnson


The First 100

In Chicago, 70 of the city’s 100 first recorded victims of COVID-19 were black. Their lives were rich, and their deaths cannot be dismissed as inevitable. Immediate factors could — and should — have been addressed.

From the Center for Investigative Journalism:

Journalists Mc Nelly Torres and Vanessa Colón Almenas


Puerto Ricans in the US live in counties with the highest possibility of COVID-19 infections and deaths

The pattern is strongest observed in New York State. Urban poverty and social vulnerability factors increase the possibility of becoming infected or dying from the virus in the places where most Puerto Ricans live.