Sea for Yourself: Exploring Sea Level Rise through the Polar Explorer (Grades 7-12)

June 3, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Description: Data visualizations such as interactive maps help us to understand the drives and impacts of sea level changes, both locally and globally. Using the Polar Explorer web-based app, join us on an investigation to understand sea level, why it changes, how it is changing in different parts of the world, and what are the impacts.

Please note: In this recording on the slide titled What Have We Learned, the sea level rise levels from 1993-2010 should be posted as 3.2mm/yr., NOT 2.3mm/yr.

Presenters: Margie Turrin, Director of Educational Field Programs, and Laurel Zaima, Education Program Assistant, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


1. Polar Explorer App - Check out the Polar Explorer app used during the presentation.

2. Sea Level and Glacial Rebound - Use this interactive site to learn about what happens to the Earth and sea level when an icesheet forms.

3. Climate Investigations (Teacher) - Use this sheet to lead climate investigations in the Polar Explorer app with your students.

4. Climate Investigations (Student) - Work through the questions in the slides to investigate climate in the Polar Explorer app.

5. Polar Explorer Quest: Scandinavian Puzzle - Go on a quest exploring Scandinavia using the Polar Explorer app.

6. Polar Explorer Quest: Highest Mountain Challenge - Go on a quest to climb the highest mountains in Greenland and Antarctica using the Polar Explorer app.

7. Be a Polar Explorer! - Collect evidence to connect our polar regions with sea level change around the world.

8. Changing Sea Level (Teacher Worksheet) - Use this worksheet to explore the polar connection to sea level rise with your students.

9. Changing Sea Level (Student Worksheet) - Use this worksheet to collect data connecting Earth's climate system to changing sea level.