Put a Ring on It (Grades 3-5)

May 4, 2020
DESCRIPTION: What can we learn about a tree’s life and history by examining tree rings? During this interactive lecture, students will learn how to analyze tree rings and how dendrochronologists use tree ring research to improve our understanding of past climate and environment.

Presenter: Cari Leland, Lecturer in Earth & Environmental Sciences, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Target audience: Grades 3 - 5


I wish you were in charge of teaching all of my classes! I watched the session with my mom and brother and we all found the Put a Ring on It presentation super cool. I also liked learning about that drill thing that took samples of the tree-rings. Thanks for putting this stuff together for kids like me! - Landon, 4th grader, Wisconsin


1. Tree Ring Expeditions - Tree Ring Expeditions, or TREX, immerses undergrad students in the field of dendrochronology and allows them to think like a scientist while completing the five publicly available labs using basic dendrochronological concepts. Visitors can also virtually explore field sites and public databanks to learn about trends and extremes of paleoclimate.

2. Tree Growth Lesson - This tree growth lesson plan is meant for a 3rd grade classroom where students will learn about different layers of a tree and how trees grow.