Microscopic Superheroes of the Ocean (Grades 3-6)

May 6, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Did you know that some superheroes are microscopic? In this lecture and activity, Sheean will introduce you to these amazing, and amazingly tiny, organisms, called phytoplankton. Students will learn how phytoplankton help our planet, and how different phytoplankton use unique superpowers to survive in the ocean. Students will also participate in an activity where they will come up with a fantastical phytoplankton species, based on what their new species would need to survive in the ocean.

Presenter: Sheean Haley, Senior Staff Associate, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Target Audience: Grades 3 - 6


First image is made of recycled materials, legos, and glow sticks from Tyce, 10 in West Point, NY

Second image is a drawing from Thomas, 8, in Brooklyn, NY


1. Dyhrman Microbial Oceanography Group - Here, you will find information on the most recent publications and research projects from the Dyhrman lab. The website includes outreach efforts to students and provides information like lesson plans and lab kits for K-12 students and beyond.

2. Plankton Science Kit - Check out this science kit to explore plankton and their global importance.