LIVE Chat With Paul Salopek, a Slow Journalist Walking Across a Fast-Forward Planet

September 11, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Paul Salopek came of age in the 20th century as a conventional, and extraordinary reporter, garnering a pair of Pulitzer Prizes for stories in the Chicago Tribune on the human genome and wrenching issues in Africa.
Starting in 2013, he embarked on a radically different path - one designed to take him 21,000 miles by foot from North Africa across Europe and Asia and eventually down the spine of the Americas. We meet up with Paul in Myanmar, where is is riding out the pandemic (unable to cross borders) and writing.
Join him live. Students will be offered a link to come on screen if they'd like to ask a question face to face.
Here's more on Paul's Out of Eden project, undertaken with sustained support from the National Geographic Society:
And here's the education project built around his journey: