Let’s Get Fired Up With Energy (Grades 2-4)

April 27, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Description: What makes the lights go on, heats our homes, and makes our cars go? Join this interactive session with Erin to learn about the basics of energy and the different finite and renewable natural resources that provide us with the energy that we need.

Presenter: Erin Blanton, Senior Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy

Target audience: Grades 2 - 4


Thank you for the opportunity to see these sessions. This one was great! I loved how interactive the session was. They were also able to see the real-world application and scientists in the field, which is hard to do in a classroom setting. Alejandra, K-5 Environmental Science Educator, Houston, TX


1. Fossil Fuels 101 - Check this video out to learn about the basics of fossil fuels.

2. Renewable Energy 101 - Watch this to learn the basics of renewable energy.

3. Power Stations and the National Grid - When you hit a light switch, the light turns on! Watch this video to learn a variety of ways that electricity is made and how it gets transferred to your home.

4. Energy Saving Tips - Click here for tips on how you can help your family save electricity and money!

5. Home Energy Audit - Do a home energy audit to learn about how your family uses electricity and what you can do to cut down on usage.