Inside the World Health Organization's Quest for COVID-19 "Infodemic" Immunity

July 24, 2020
DESCRIPTION: This week's Friday Sustain What lunchtime dive behind headlines and hashtags digs in on the results of the World Health Organization's pioneering international online conference aiming to energize the nascent field of "infodemiology" - science assessing how the world can do better at cutting through online noise and disinformation to foster better public and policy responses to the pandemic and any forthcoming vaccine.

Here host Andy Revkin of the Earth Institute explores the findings of the conference with a WHO representative, the award-winning disease-focused journalist and author Maryn McKenna, and one of the world's top reality checkers sifting pandemic sense from nonsense -- Carl T. Bergstrom (@CTBergstrom), an epidemiologist at the University of Washington and co-developer of a fantastic (and open) syllabus called Calling Bullshit.

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Here's a link to the World Health Organization site listing next steps after the Infodemiology conference:

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