Inside the World Health Organization Push to Tame the #COVID19 Infodemic

July 8, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Can scientists, media, leaders and communities do a better job conveying vital information on COVID-19 in a time of epic disruption driven by the pandemic, economic shutdown and social dispute?

This session of our Sustain What webcast will identify actionable paths for us as individuals, practitioners, and communities.

Join host Andy Revkin as Tim Nguyen of the World Health Organization describes a new initiative aimed at boosting the real-world impact of years of research and practice aiming to foster knowledge-based decisionmaking and public behavior. We'll also hear from Claire Wardle, the U.S. director of First Draft, an organization helping journalists and the public tackle misinformation challenges.

Here's background on a WHO meeting that will conclude on 21 July:

Here's First Draft:

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