Exploring Creative Responses to Coronavirus Disruption

March 15, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Join me (and possibly a guest or two) for a tour of social media and news links showing how communities and innovators are finding ways to foster community cohesion and health even amid "social distancing" spreads to slow the #COVID19 pandemic. I'm a longtime environment- and risk-focused journalist now running Columbia University's Earth Institute Initiative on Communication & Sustainability.

SUSTAIN WHAT is a conversation on communication pathways to human and environmental progress.

One of the most overused and ill-defined words in conversations about the environment is “sustainability.” So the first step in effective communication in pursuit of a better human relationship with the Earth and each other is to ask, “Sustain what?”

Here we explore how to make information and conversations matter on a fast-changing, noisy planet where humanity’s decisions, or indecision, in our lifetimes will leave an imprint on societies, climate and ecosystems for generations to come.