Earth Institute Spring 2020 Research Showcase

April 8, 2020
DESCRIPTION: The Earth Institute, Columbia University is committed to showcasing student research in the areas of environment and sustainable development. The Earth Institute brings together undergraduate, graduate and PhD students at the annual Earth Institute Student Research Conference. Students discuss their unique research experiences of working to understand and solve pressing environmental and sustainable development issues.
All of the projects are conducted by students who have received support, guidance or funding through an Earth Institute affiliated education or student program including a travel grant, internship, or research assistantship from the Institute.


Introduction: Alex Halliday, Director, Earth Institute
Student Video Presentation
Live Q&A session

Student Presenters:

Climate Change

• Emily Carrero-Mustelier, Seismic Anomalies in the Southeastern North American Asthenosphere as Characterized with Body Waves Travel Times from High Qualities Teleseisms
• Mengbi Chen, Comparing Piermont Marsh Blue Carbon Storage to NYC’s Carbon Footprint
• Roger Creel, Reconstructing Last Interglacial Sea Level: Bahamas Field Observations and Improved Solid Earth Models
• Mercedes de la Vega, Local Responses to Climate Change of Communities Facing Glacier Retreat in the Peruvian Andes
• Emmerline Ragoonath-De Mattos, Assessment of Synthetic Microfibers from Clothing in the Aquatic Environment and Implications for Zooplankton
• Tejaswini Thethi, Enabling Waste Tracking and Data Transparency to Accelerate a Circular Economy
• Shelly Son, Reconstructing Past Warmer-Than-Present Climate Conditions in Southern Ocean

Earth Science

• Dorothee Grant, Understanding Black Marble Data
• Sam Kodama, Investigating the Erosional History of Wilkes Subglacial Basin with Low Temperature Thermochronometry
• Bailey Nordin, Thermochronological Evidence for Glacial Erosion and Exhumation Along the Central Transantarctic Mountains
• Elizabeth Perry, Monitoring Water Quality in the Long Island Sound Using Space-Based and Shipboard Platforms
• Mitchell Thomas, Developing a Tool to Provide Near Real-Time Monitoring of Environmental Conditions in Refugee Camps around the World
• Gabriel Weinstein, North Atlantic Icebergs and Abrupt Climate Change


• Dan Poniachik, The Psychology of Winter Park Use in NYC and Climate Change Perceptions International Development

International Development

• Amanda Abrom, Accelerating the SDGs
• David Bassini Ortiz, Promoting Targeted and Effective Land Transparency: Understanding Transparency Needs, Demands, and Uses Regarding Land Investments
• Elena Belletti, Environmental Taxation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Barriers and Policy Options
• Christy Dey, A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Oil Production in Guyana: A Natural Capital Approach
• Darren Rabinowitz, The Right to Belong: A Mixed Methods Study of Self-Reported Feelings of Belonging In Rwandan Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and Their Perceptions of National Peacebuilding
• Serena Tohme, Child Psychosocial Support Programming for Informal Education NGOs in Lesvos, Greece, MPA and MPH in Political Development & Health in Forced Migration