Livestreamed Session

Crystal Snowflake Demo

Crystal Mysteries: The Secret Lives of Snowflakes (Grades 5-8)

June 1, 2020
DESCRIPTION: The shapes of a snowflakes can tell us a lot about how much we can expect the planet to warm or how much snow we can expect from an approaching snowstorm. Through a presentation and hands-on demonstration*, students will learn how ice particles are born in “cold” clouds, how they grow, and how they eventually fall out of clouds as snow. We will also discuss how these tiny, complicated snowflake shapes are tied to larger global climate and weather patterns.

*To follow along at home, here’s what you’ll need:

4 sheets of paper, including this one



Elmer’s glue (optional)

Small styrofoam balls (approximately 1 cm in diameter, optional)


1. Crystal Mysteries Snowflake Demo - Follow along with this video to build your own snowflakes and use them to perform experiments to unlock crystal mysteries.

2. Snowflake Instruction Sheet - Follow along with these instructions in order to put together your own snowflakes.