Communicating the COVID19 Hammer and Dance

April 16, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Can We Go from a COVID-19 “Hammer” to the “Dance”?

An Earth Institute “Sustain What” conversation on what to think and do as the news flow shifts from “hammer” to “dance” – from lockdown to opening the economy, from sheltering to a “dance” of testing, tracing, isolating and testing again. What missteps could set communities back? What capacities are lacking?

We talk with Dr. Howard Frumkin, emeritus professor of environmental and occupational health at the University of Washington; Angela Rasmussen, Ph.D., a virologist at Columbia University’s Center for Infection and Immunity; and Tomás Pueyo, who has a background in entrepreneurship and behavioral psychology but has had a significant influence on communication around coronavirus strategies.

Pueyo wrote and illustrated two essays on Medium in March that, with tens of millions of reads, built a huge pulse of awareness of the strategies, tools and capacities that will be needed to move from the "hammer" of aggressive physical distancing to the "dance" of surveillance, tracking and control.

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now
Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance

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