Climate Research with Flying Robots (Grades 6-12)

June 29, 2020
DESCRIPTION: In this session, Christopher Zappa will take participants on a virtual ride of discovery on an unmanned aerial vehicle from the Pacific Ocean near Fiji all the way to a coastal village in the Arctic. He will talk about the physics behind a warming ocean, his fieldwork, the data he collects and analyzes, and how his work is critical to understanding the impacts of a changing climate on the subsistence living of indigenous communities in Alaska.

Presenters: Christopher Zappa, Lamont Research Professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


1. Sea Surface Microlayer - Visit the R/V Falkor Air-2-Sea Project Website to dive deeper into sea surface temperature research.

2. Ikaań°vik Sikukun - Learn more about the sea ice in Alaska here.

3. OASIS - Check out more videos taken by UAVs from the Observatory for Air-Sea Interaction Studies.