Can Digital Experience Cut Real-World Risk?

August 3, 2020
DESCRIPTION: Every Monday, generally from 1-2 pm US Eastern time, the Earth Institute's Andy Revkin (@revkin) hosts an open workshop testing paths to impact and sanity in an online information environment that is more overheated, and more important, than ever.

This week, we'll take a live, multi-dimensional tour of online immersive experiences aimed at understanding and mitigating societal and environmental risk.

The tour guide is Lance Weiler (@lanceweiler), director of the Columbia School of the Arts Digital Storytelling Lab. Learn more:

We'll explore how such tools are being tested by Desmond U. Patton @DrDesmondPatton), an associate professor and “public interest technologist” at the Columbia School of Social Work who directs a project called SafeLab. Learn more here: