Behind the Headlines - The Indigenous COVID-19 Catastrophe

June 19, 2020
DESCRIPTION: On this week's Friday review of news and communication issues around the pandemic, we discuss the wave of social devastation spreading through indigenous and oppressed communities worldwide as #COVID19 takes ever more victims with outsize vulnerability - much of it imposed on them.

The session starts with a look at #Juneteenth and America's surge of anti-racist activism aided by comedian and commentator Chuck Nice.

Then we dig behind the headlines on COVID-19 impacts, including the news that the virus this week killed Paiakan, a longtime leader of the Kayapo nation's fight for preservation of the Amazon rain forest and indigenous rights.


Chuck Nice, comedian and master science communicator

Camila Osorio, a Colombian journalist who is part of the New Yorker's editorial staff

Scott Wallace, multimedia journalist focused on indigenous peoples:; author of “The Unconquered”; journalism, journalism professor, University of Connecticut

Michael McGarrell, a forest conservation and rights campaigner who is a member of the Patamona Nation in Guyana and COICA - the Coordinator of the Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin
His vlog:

Host: Andrew Revkin, founding director of the Earth Institute Initiative on Communication and Sustainability, author of the award-winning 1990 book "The Burning Season," on the assault on the Amazon rain forest and its communities.

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Paiakan, a longtime leader of the Kayapo nation in the Amazon rain forest, dead of COVID-19
Paiakan in 1992 via Hank Whitmore and Parade Magazine