Earth Institute Staff Directory

Zhihan Cui

PhD Student, Sustainable Development , Ph.D. in Sustainable Development , School of International and Public Affairs


BIOGRAPHY: Zhihan Cui is a fifth year PhD student in the Sustainable Development PhD Program. He graduated from Peking University in 2015 with double majors in Chemistry and Economics. With an interdisciplinary training, he focuses his research on behavioral/experimental economics and environmental economics, and is looking to link decision theory to variant sustainable development issues.

Currently, he is mainly interested in establishing theory and finding laboratory evidence about information aggregation patterns of decision-makers. He is working on an experimental project of identifying correlation neglect and cursedness in information herding games. He is also working on various aspects of social learning models, rational and behavioral, in both theoretical and experimental aspects; moreover, his current research includes linking these issues to sustainable development topics, such as evolutionary ecology and climate adaptation. Research Interests: Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Microeconomic Theory and Environmental Economics