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Mr. Jit N. Bajpai 2518657

Lecturer (Sustaining Access and Mobility), GSAAP, Columbia University

Lecturer in Professional Studies , M.S. in Sustainability Management , School of Professional Studies

35, Claremont Avenue
New York, NY 10027
United States

BIOGRAPHY: Jitendra (Jit) Bajpai is an Independent Consultant and an Adjunct Lecturer (Sustainable Cities) member of the Earth Institute serving the School of Professional Studies of Columbia University since 2011 and the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation at the Columbia University, New York since 2019. Prior to his current positions he had served the World Bank for almost twenty years (1990-2011) in various positions including as the Director, Manager of Transport sector operations in East Asia and Pacific Region (EAP) and Advisor to the EAP Vice-President. Besides his World Bank career Jit had worked with several firms and institutions dealing with infrastructure and urban development issues including COMSIS (US), RATP (Paris, France), Atkins & Das (India), Ministry of Works & Housing (India), and as an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Mumbai), and as a visiting faculty at the IIT (Mumbai) and Indian School of Business (ISB, 2016-20). He is a member of the Advisory Board on Future of Urban Development for the World Economic Forum, and has recently served the Inter-American Development Bank (Washington, DC), Brookings Institution (Washington, DC), the Rwanda and Uganda Governments under the sponsorship of International Growth Center (UK), World Bank and CAF, the development Bank of Latin America.

He is an engineer and urbanist with a doctorate degree from the University of Paris. He was a Fellow of Johns Hopkins University (1978-79), and has completed an executive management program at the Harvard Business School. As the Treasurer of his family foundation (DeFries-Bajpai Foundation) Jit promotes the science for sustainable development.


Recent Papers & Policy Notes

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