Earth Institute Staff Directory

Carolyn A. Harris

Program Coordinator , Center for Climate Systems Research (CCSR) , The Earth Institute

New York, NY

BIOGRAPHY: Carolyn Harris is a veteran experiential educator, with a special interest in improving science enrichment and equity for underserved and underrepresented teens. She is an Education and Public Outreach Specialist with the Center for Climate Systems Research and Advisor to the Director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), fostering cross-sector collaborations between scientists and diverse stakeholders to broaden access to CCSR research and data relevant around a wide range of climate change and environmental issues. The main focus of Carolyn’s award-winning education work is engaging teens and teachers with world-class STEM workplaces and the real world problems they are addressing, and studying best practices for inclusive apprenticeship learning opportunities for marginalized youth. To create these opportunities and raise awareness, she has worked with such organizations as the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, the White House Office on National Service, NASA, the New York Times Learning Network, the US Army Corp of Engineers, Columbia University, Science Museum of Minnesota and the National Press Club. Her work has received recognition from the Heinz Awards, the District of Columbia Public Schools and in a NASA Public Service Medal.