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Projects Tagged food ecology and nutrition

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CNH: Fires in Western Amazonia: Understanding and Modeling the Roles of Climatic, Social, Demographic, and Land-Use Change 8/1/09 6/30/14 South America ; Amazonia
Earth Institute Research, Burma Agriculture Landscape Program 10/8/12 11/24/12 Asia ; Myanmar
Enhancing Food Security of Underserved Populations in the Northeast through Sustainable Regional Food Systems 3/1/11 2/28/17 North America ; United States ; Northeast United States
Hudson Valley Food Hub Initiative 3/1/12 9/30/13 North America ; Hudson Valley, NY ; New York
Hudson Valley Foodways Mapping 9/1/12 12/31/12 North America ; Hudson Valley, NY ; New York
Improving the productivity of high pH soils through the use of suitable N sources and rates in Koraro Millennium Villages, Ethiopia 7/1/11 12/31/12 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Ethiopia
Learning through Ecology and Environmental Fields Studies (LEEFS) 6/1/08 11/30/14 Global ; New York City, NY
School-based Ecology and Environmental Discoveries (SEEDS) 9/15/10 8/31/15 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Simulating the Impact of Multi-Sectoral Approaches to Scaling-Up Nutrition: Development and Validation of a Conceptual Model 5/9/13 1/15/14 Global
SoilDoc: Empowering Extension Workers and Youth to make Innovative Soil Recommendations in Africa 2/6/13 2/5/14 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Nigeria
TREES - Technology, Research, and Ecology Exchange for Students 12/1/10 11/1/13 North America ; New York City, NY
Urban Agriculture Research in New York City: Green Infrastructure Planning and Metrics 7/1/12 3/31/14 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Vital Signs - Technical Support for the Africa Monitoring System 4/1/12 9/30/15 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; South Africa