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Bridging the Scientific and Indigenous Communities to Study Sea Ice Change in Arctic Alaska 11/11/16 6/10/21 North America ; Alaska
CNH: Fires in Western Amazonia: Understanding and Modeling the Roles of Climatic, Social, Demographic, and Land-Use Change 8/1/09 6/30/14 South America ; Amazonia
Groundswell II: Climate Change Migration Analysis for the West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program and Ethiopia 10/1/18 8/31/19 Africa ; West Africa ; East Africa ; Ethiopia ; Lake Victoria
Harnessing the Geospatial Data Revolution for Good: Characterizing Populations Displaced by Disaster 9/5/18 6/30/20 Global
Mechanisms for methane transport and hydrate accumulation in coarse-grained reservoirs 10/1/13 3/31/18 ; Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)
NSF-NERC: Stability and Instability of Records of External Drivers and Resulting Behavior of Thwaites Glacier 4/1/18 3/31/23 Antarctica ; Amundsen Sea ; Thwaites Glacier
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) for the EOS Data and Information System 8/1/18 7/31/21 Global
Towards a Multi-Scale Theory on Coupled Human Mobility and Environmental Change 4/2/18 6/30/21 Central America ; Florida ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Syria ; South Sudan ; Honduras ; Somalia ; Puerto Rico
REfugees Act and Communicate for Health (REACH): Using Technology to Increase Health Literacy and Health Care Access for Refugees in Turkey and Lebanon 8/1/19 7/31/21 Europe ; Turkey ; Lebanon
Projecting age-specific international migration flows using cohort-component methods 1/1/17 Global ; New York City, NY
GCR: Collaborative Research: Disentangling Environmental Change and Social Factors as Drivers of Migration 10/1/19 9/30/21 Global