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Brexit's Implications for UK and European Sanctions Policy 10/4/16 Global ; Europe ; United States ; America
Carbon Pricing as a Policy Instrument to Decarbonize Economies: How to Assess Cap-and-trade vs. Carbon Tax 10/27/18 4/27/19 Global ; South America ; Colombia ; Chile
Collaborative Research: RAPID Testing High Temperature Subseafloor Tracers and Optical Communication 6/1/14 5/31/15 Global
Communities' Redress for Harm Post-Closure, Abandonment, or Divestment
Considerations for the Treatment of Energy in the US–EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 9/10/15 Europe ; United States
Cooperative Institute for Climate Application and Research (CICAR) 7/1/08 6/30/14 North America
Desertification or "re-greening": Adaptation lessons learned in coping with late 20th century drought in West Africa 7/18/16 7/17/20 Africa ; West Africa
Do Low Oil Prices Undermine US Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards? 7/19/16 North America ; United States
Downstream Beneficiation of Extractive Resources Oceania ; Australia ; Japan ; Oman ; South Africa ; Ukraine ; Netherlands ; Nigeria ; Singapore ; Botswana ; Indonesia
Educating Young Researchers in Environment Ethics 8/15/16 7/31/19
Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2019 9/13/19 Asia ; China
How International Oil Companies Could Assist Greece to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: A Conversation Starter Europe ; Greece
How International Oil Companies Could Assist the Republic of Cyprus to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: A Conversation Starter Asia ; Republic of Cyprus
Human Rights Law and Investment Treaty Regime Global
Improving Implementation of UN Security Council Sanctions Resolutions 6/6/17 Global
Issue Brief: The Future of Economic Sanctions in a Global Economy 5/21/15 North America ; United States
LTER Palmer, Antarctica (PAL) Land-Shelf-Ocean Connections, Ecosystem Resilience and Transformation in a Sea-Ice Influenced Pelagic Ecosystem 9/1/14 8/31/20 Antarctica ; Western Antarctic Peninsula
Meeting China's Shale Gas Goals 9/1/14 Asia ; China
Outward FDI and Competitive Neutrality
Reimagining Nairobi: A Policy Network Approach 1/1/14 6/30/16 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Nairobi ; Kenya
Science-Based Policy Innovation and Implementation for the MDGs 10/1/06 12/31/11 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
Statuatory Recognition of Customary Land Rights in Africa: Lessons for Sierra Leone Africa ; Sierra Leone
Stopping Trash Where it Starts 1/1/16 12/31/17 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York ; New York - New Jersey Harbor
Strategic framework on policies, partnerships and preparedness to advance Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development Goals 12/1/16 7/31/17 Asia
Support, Research and Learning around Co-Production, Uptake and use of Weather and Climate Information 2/1/18 6/30/20
Sustainability Policy: Hastening the Transition to a Cleaner Economy 1/27/15 Global ; United States
Sustainable Development Solutions Network -Proposal for GIZ 9/1/13 6/30/15
Sustainable Financing for Urban Public Transport in China-Policy Study 1/1/14 6/30/16 Asia ; China
The Mine of the Future
The New Geopolitics of Energy 9/15/15 North America ; United States
The Politics of Free, Prior and Informed Consent
UCCRN Second Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.2) (2018) 8/22/14 8/31/17 Global ; New York City, NY
UCCRN Second Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.2) Summary for City Leaders 4/21/15 4/20/16 Global ; New York City, NY
Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) 8/1/13 1/31/14 Global ; New York City, NY
Vital Signs - Technical Support for the Africa Monitoring System 4/1/12 9/30/15 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; South Africa
VREF Workshop 2014: Transforming Access and Mobility in Cities - Turning Knowledge into Action 9/5/14 5/31/15
Weather and Climate Information for Africa (WISER) 3/1/18 3/31/20 Africa
West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change 6/1/15 9/30/20 Africa ; West Africa
WHO/TDR Technical advice and facilitation of capacity building workshops for interdisciplinary policy 12/1/12 9/30/16
WSC-Category 3 Collaborative: America's Water-The Changing Landscape of Risk, Competing Demands and Climate 8/1/14 7/31/19 North America ; United States ; Texas ; California ; Midwest United States
NNA Track 1: Collaborative Research: ARC-NAV: Arctic Robust Communities-Navigating Adaptation to Variability 9/15/19 8/31/24 Arctic
An Assessment of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act 11/6/19 North America ; United States
Economic Volatility in Oil Producing Regions: Impacts and Federal Policy Options 10/30/19 North America ; United States
Origins of Environmental Law 9/1/15 12/28/15 North America ; United States
Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification (MTV) 5/1/19 9/19/20 North America ; Ann Arbor, MI