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American Gas to the Rescue? The Impact of US LNG Exports on European Security and Russian Foreign Policy 9/22/14 North America ; United States ; Russia
Brexit's Implications for UK and European Sanctions Policy 10/4/16 Global ; Europe ; United States ; America
Conceptualizing Economic Linkages to the Resource Sector
Cuba: US Sanctions Policy After the Embargo 11/29/16 North America ; United States ; Cuba
Do Low Oil Prices Undermine US Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards? 7/19/16 North America ; United States
Downstream Beneficiation of Extractive Resources Oceania ; Australia ; Japan ; Oman ; South Africa ; Ukraine ; Netherlands ; Nigeria ; Singapore ; Botswana ; Indonesia
Effects of Booms-and-Busts and Climate Disturbances on Livelihood and Resilience of Small Amazon Delta Cities 1/1/17 9/30/18 South America ; Amazon Delta
Intra-African Investment Flows Africa
Issue Brief: The Future of Economic Sanctions in a Global Economy 5/21/15 North America ; United States
Leveraging Universal Ownership to Achieve SDGs
Measuring and Integrating Non-Financial Parameters in Project Decision Making Global
Mexican Energy Reform 6/11/14 Central America ; Mexico
Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), USA SDG Initiative 7/1/15 6/30/16
The Implications of Lower Oil Prices for the US Economy Amid the Shale Boom 12/4/14 North America ; United States
Hydrometeorology and Climate Resilience in South Asia Region Asia ; Bangladesh ; India ; Nepal
Europe and Global Challenges - Research Proposal, Impact of intensified weather extremes on Europe's economy 10/1/18 9/30/22 Europe