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A Stakeholder Engagement Workshop for the Agriculture Sector in Central America 6/1/13 7/31/13 Central America
ACToday (Adapting Agriculture to Climate Today, for Tomorrow) 11/1/17 6/30/22 Africa ; Central America ; Guatemala ; Colombia ; Africa ; Senegal ; Ethiopia ; Asia ; Bangladesh ; Vietnam
Adaptation Planning for Climate Change Impacts using Advanced Decision Support and Remote Sensing: Irrigated Agriculture in California’s Central Valley 4/1/12 6/1/14 Global ; New York
Addressing Legal Support Gaps Around Land-Based Investment
Addressing undernutrition and climate change in the Millennium Villages: enhancing resilience of rural communities 1/1/13 12/31/13 Central America ; Caribbean ; Haiti
African Soil Information Service (AFSIS) Phase II 11/25/14 10/31/17 Africa ; Ethiopia ; Ghana ; Nigeria ; Tanzania
Agreement for the procurement of 100 units of soildoc kits 1/8/15 1/7/16 Africa ; Nigeria
Agricultural Investments under International Investment Law
The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project- The Future of Food and Farming 1/1/15 3/31/17 Africa ; United States ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; South Asia
Assessing Sustainability and Effectiveness of Climate Information Services in Africa (CIS) 1/30/17 10/31/18 Africa
CCAFS Flagship 4: Climate Risk Management 1/1/17 12/31/22 Africa ; Rwanda
Climate Impacts on Livelihoods and Food Security 4/1/12 12/31/12 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Senegal
Climate information for Public Health ñ Book Project 9/1/16 7/31/18 North America ; New York City, NY ; New York
Climate Risk Management in Agriculture with Demonstration Sites in Laos, Indonesia, and Bangladesh 12/7/12 6/30/15 Asia ; Laos ; Indonesia ; Bangladesh
Climate Services for Africa 1/1/16 9/30/18 Africa
Climate Services for Agriculture-Rwanda 7/24/15 7/23/19 Africa ; Rwanda
Columbia University and Institut Pertanian Bogor Partnership to Build Capacity for Adaptation Climate Risks in Indonesia 7/8/11 9/30/14 Asia ; Indonesia ; West Java ; Central Kalimantan
Community Development Requirements: Domestic Laws, Best Practices, and Community Development Agreements Database
Conceptualizing Economic Linkages to the Resource Sector
Continental Scale Droughts in North America: Their Frequency, Character and Causes Over the Past Millennium and Near Term Future 7/1/14 6/30/18 North America
Contribution of IRI to the Management of Climate-Related Risks in the Agricultural Sector 7/1/14 6/30/19 South America ; Uruguay
Cooperative Institute for Climate Application and Research (CICAR) 7/1/08 6/30/14 North America
Crop growth Simulation in Hokkaido/Japan using DSSA 7/1/12 3/31/14 Asia ; Japan ; Hokkaido, Japan
Crop Growth Simulation System for Estimating Harvesting Time and Yield Prediction in Hokkaido Japan 4/14/14 3/31/15 Asia ; Hokkaido, Japan
Crop Growth Simulation System for Estimating Harvesting Time and Yield Prediction in Hokkaido Japan 6/1/15 3/18/16 Asia ; Hokkaido, Japan
Crop Insurance - Columbia 5/20/15 10/31/15 Central America ; Honduras
CS4D: Climate Resiliency and Index Insurance for Small Farmers 4/1/15 6/30/17
DMUU: Understanding and Improving Environmental Decisions 9/1/10 8/31/18 Global
DMUU: Understanding and Improving Environmental Decisions 9/1/15 8/31/19
East Africa Drought and Agricultural Productivity Assessment and Prediction System 12/10/12 9/30/13 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
East Africa Drought and Agricultural Productivity Assessment and Prediction System 10/27/15 9/30/16 Africa ; East Africa
Employment from Mining Investments in Land for Agriculture
Enabling Resource Contract Transparency
Evaluating the effect of site-specific soil information on farmer input choices and the relationship between poverty and soil quality in Tanzania 3/1/14 9/30/17 Africa ; Morogoro, Tanzania
Exploratory Research for India Direct Farm Impact Evaluation 1/1/13 6/30/14 Asia ; India
Going the Last Mile: Equipping and Empowering Extension Workers to Make Innovative Soil Recommendations in Africa 7/1/12 11/30/15 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Tanzania
Gridded Crop & Near Term Climate Modeling Workshops and Coordination 3/21/14 7/15/14
Hudson Valley Food Hub Initiative 3/1/12 9/30/13 North America ; Hudson Valley, NY ; New York
Hydrological and agricultural characteristics and the manner in which farmers are adapting to them 10/15/12 5/31/13 Asia ; India
IFAD-Universities Win-Win Partnership: Engaging students with IFAD-supported operations 1/28/16 9/30/20 Global
Improving Climate Risk Management Tools for the Agricultural Sector in Asia 3/1/17 2/29/20 Asia
Improving CRM in Uruguay through the Development of a National System for the Agriculture Sector 8/28/13 3/31/18 South America ; Uruguay
Index Insurance for the Agricultural Sector in General America 7/1/14 11/30/15
Index Insurance for the Agricultural Sector in Niger 11/1/14 6/30/15 Africa ; Niger
Infrastructure Investments Tied to Large-Scale Agriculture Projects
Innovative Financing Solutions for Legal and Technical Support Communities
Integrating climate risk information for agricultural resilience and forest conservation in Paraguay 7/1/16 10/31/17 South America ; Paraguay
Integration of AgMIP results for the development of agricultural response functions for PNNL Models 4/26/16 8/31/18 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Land Contracts and Transparency in Land-Based Investment
Land Investments and Climate Change
Land Investments and Human Rights
Linking climate services and soil diagnostics for climate-smart decisions for small-scale farmers and service providers in Tanzania 10/1/15 12/31/17 Africa ; Tanzania
Linking Remote Sensing Data and Energy Balance Models for Scalable agriculture Insurance Systems for sub-Saharan Africa 1/17/14 1/16/18 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Ethiopia ; Kenya ; Senegal ; Burkina Faso
Managing Climate and Weather-Related Risks to Improve Agricultural Decision Making 4/30/12 4/29/14 South America ; Brazil
Managing climate risks to smallholder agriculture in northern Ethiopia: Second phase of evaluation of the R4 program Africa ; Tigray, Ethiopia
Masters of Development Practice 9/1/08 2/28/15
Micro-Solar Utilities for Small-Scale Irrigation in Mali 10/1/13 9/30/15 Africa ; Mali
Monitoring & Evaluation for Eni Congo Brazzaville/Hinda Integrated Project (PIH) 2/15/13 1/14/17 Africa ; Congo
Myanmar Sustainable Development Center 4/1/13 11/15/13 Asia ; Myanmar
New Tools and Incentives for Carbon, Nitrogen, and Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Management in Corn Cropping Systems 1/1/11 3/31/17 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York ; Fort Collins, CO ; Colorado ; Ithaca, NY
P2C2: Diagnosing the Dynamics of Past and Future North American Megadroughts 3/1/19 3/31/22 Global ; North America
Partnership for International Research and Education (PIRE): Land Use, Ecosystem Services and Human Wellbeing: Responses to Millennium Village Interventions 9/1/10 8/31/16 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Kenya ; Uganda ; Tanzania
Planning Grant for the Africa Soil Information Service (AfSIS) Phase II 5/30/13 1/15/15 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Ethiopia ; Ghana ; Nigeria ; Tanzania ; Kenya
Productivity Improvement Project for Smallholders 10/1/15 3/31/17 Africa ; Malawi
Rapid Assessment of Agriculture in a + 1.5 Scenario: An AgMIP Coordinated Global and Regional Assess 9/30/16 9/29/17 Global ; New York City, NY ; New York
Remote Sensing Service Provider Methodology and Work Plan in support of the IFAD-WFP Weather Risk Management 7/1/13 12/31/13
Researching Transparency
SADA/Ghana project 1/1/12 12/31/12 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Ghana
Satellite Technologies, Innovative and Smart Financing for Food Security (SATISFy) 8/15/16 6/30/18 Africa ; Horn of Africa
Scoping Study: Design Options for a Global Sustainable Farming Data Clearinghouse 10/14/13 4/30/14 Global
SERVIR for USAID West Africa 4/7/16 9/30/18 Africa ; West Africa ; Niger ; Ghana ; Nigeria ; Burkina Faso ; Senegal
SoilDoc System Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania 8/1/15 6/30/17 Africa ; Malawai ; Mozambique ; Tanzania
SoilDoc: Empowering Extension Workers and Youth to make Innovative Soil Recommendations in Africa 2/6/13 2/5/14 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; Nigeria
Sustainability Indicators 9/1/15 1/31/17 Africa ; Ethiopia ; Tanzania
The achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan African Countries and Beyond technologies and tools 11/1/11 12/31/16 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) 3/1/11 2/28/14 Africa ; United States ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; South Asia
The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Agricultural Model System Training 3/1/13 3/30/13 Global ; Nepal ; India
The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Third Annual Global Workshop 10/1/12 10/31/12 Europe ; Rome ; Italy
The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Workshop 9/19/12 9/30/13 Global ; New York
The Dynamical Machanisms and Potential Predictability of Indian and Pacific Ocean Influences on Seas 8/1/14 7/31/18 North America ; Indian Ocean
The effect of demonstration plots and warehouse receipt system on ISFM adoption, yield and income of smallholder farmers: an evaluation of Malawi’s Anchor Farm Model 6/18/14 10/20/17 Africa ; Malawi
Type 1 Collaborative Research: Integration of Decadal Climate Predictions, Ecological Models and Human Decision-Making Models to Support Climate Resilient Agriculture in the Argentine Pampas 5/1/11 4/30/14 South America ; Argentina
Upgrading Agricultural Value Chains: Implementing the SoilDoc System in India 11/9/15 9/30/17 Asia ; India
Vital Signs - Technical Support for the Africa Monitoring System 4/1/12 9/30/15 Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa ; South Africa
Water Security and Climate Risk: A Philippine Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for the Agriculture Sector 9/7/12 9/6/17 Asia ; Philippines
Capacitating African Stakeholders with Climate Advisories and Insurance Development (CASCAID) II Africa
PRISM 9/1/19 8/31/21 North America ; United States
Tailored Agro-Climate Services and food security information for better decision making in Latin America (AGROCLIMAS) Central America ; Colombia ; Guatemala ; Honduras
Adaptation of Agricultural Value Chains to Climate Change (PrAda) 12/1/19 5/31/21 Africa ; Madagascar
Ag Out – An Enhanced IMERG-based Agricultural Outlook System to Support Food Security and Agriculture in the Developing World 4/1/19 3/31/21
Connecting West Africa users to cutting edge resources: Integrating satellite observations and sub-seasonal climate forecasts to enhance agricultural and pastoral water-management decision-making using 21st century agro-pastoral water deficit predictions 11/1/19 10/31/20 Africa ; West Africa
AgMIP Adaptation Teams Start-Up – A CLARE Transition Activity 1/1/20 7/1/21 Africa ; Senegal ; Ghana ; Zimbabwe
Using Earth Observations and Statistical Models to Enhance Drought, Food Security, and Agricultural Outlooks in Eastern and Southern Africa 11/1/19 10/31/20 Africa
Consultancy to develop and implement Climate Information for Agriculture, Water and Health Sectors for the PPCR Project 7/1/20 12/31/20 Africa ; Zambia