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GRID Mapping Portfolio Support

Lead PI: Mr. Marc A. Levy , Dr. Sandra R. Baptista

Unit Affiliation: Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)

September 2017 - December 2022
Project Type: Research

DESCRIPTION: GRID3 (Geo-Referenced Infrastructure and Demographic Data for Development) works with countries to generate, validate, and use geospatial data on population, settlements, infrastructure, and boundaries. GRID3 combines the expertise of partners in government, United Nations, academia, and the private sector to design adaptable and relevant geospatial solutions based on the capacity and development needs of each country.

The research team includes: Susana Adamo, Olena Borkovska, Alex de Sherbinin, Justine Dowden, Matthew Heaton, Tim Johnston, Eniko Kelly-Voicu, Paola Kim-Blanco, Anela, Layugan, Lisa Lukang, Chismidi Onwuteaka, Linda Pistolesi, Jolynn Schmidt, Emilie Schnarr, Kevin Tschirhart, Anne-Laure White, Greg Yetman, Yanni Zhan, Rachel Snow (PI), Lorant Czaran (PI), Maureen Jones, Ines Finchelstein, Frankline Echerue, Abd Salam El Vilaly, Tapiwa Jhamba, Sabrina Juran, Sainan Zhang, Mathias Kuepie, Etienne Leue, Wellington Mbithi, Linus Bengtsson (PI), Cathy Riley (PI), Andy Tatem (PI), Attila Lazar (PI), Dana Thomson, Doug Leasure, Chris Lloyd, Gianluca Boo, Heather Chamberlain, Oliver Pannell, Patricia Jones, Chris Jochem, Richard Wood, Claire Dooley, Sarchil Qader, Tracy Adole, Polly Marshall, Michael Harper, Mark Dover, Edith Darin, Freja Hunt, Donna Clarke, Alina Game, Sophie Delaporte, Elsa Dufay, Graeme Hornby, Radheshyam Bhattarai, Maxwell Madzikanga


Gates (Bill and Melinda) Foundation




UN Fund for Population (UNFPA), WorldPop Project



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