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posted 09/21/01

Lamont Scientists reach North Pole!

Lamonters at North Pole


Greetings from the North Pole!!!


The USGS Healy, carrying 6 Lamont scientists and students, reached the North Pole on September 6, 2001. The historic occasion marked the first time a U.S. icebreaker has broken its own way to the North Pole. In addition, this was Healy's maiden scientific voyage. The expedition departed Tromso, Norway in July to collect rock and sediment samples from the seafloor along the Gakkel Ridge, the earth's slowest-moving mid-ocean ridge system.

The two scientists holding the sign in the picture are Steve Goldstein and Kerstin Lehnert. The other 4 Lamont scientists who are on the cruise are: Professor Charlie Langmuir, Kyla Simons, student, Gad Soffer, student, Kevin Wheeler, incoming student.

Log of the Day September 6, 2001
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