New Report Assesses Foreign Direct Investment in 82 Countries to 2010


On September 5, the Columbia Program on International Investment (CPII) and the Economist Intelligence Unit, a member of The Economist Group, released the World Investment Prospects to 2010: Boom or Backlash?

The volume (304 pages) is dedicated to the assessment of foreign direct investment (FDI) flows during 2005-2010. It also examines various factors that suggest a new boom in FDI flows, as well as a number of factors that suggest that a backlash against FDI may be in the making. The report includes special analyses of the performance of African countries, especially in light of their need for investment, and the transatlantic investment relationship, the dominant FDI relationship in the world FDI market.

The report also provides:

  • The first 2006 estimates of world and regional FDI flows, as well as FDI flows into 82 countries.
  • Global, regional and country forecasts for FDI flows for 2007 to 2010 at the global and regional levels, as well as for 82 countries, which together represent 98 percent of world GDP.
  • An analysis of FDI trends in 2005, at the global and regional levels, including data on, and profiles for, 82 countries.
  • League tables of the top FDI host countries and home countries.
  • A ranking of countries on the Business Environment Index, a key set of FDI determinants.

World Investment Prospects makes essential reading for anyone involved in conducting, attracting or analysing cross-border investment.

The report will be available for purchase from the Economist Intelligence Unit after September 5 at