Public Health

Public Health

The Trump Team Just Announced Its Surrender to the Pandemic
, Oct 26, 2020

Trump team just announced its surrender to the pandemic
, Oct 25, 2020

America Should Brace for 100,000 New Virus Cases a Day
Daily Beast
, Oct 24, 2020

Faulty U.S. Covid Response Led to 130,000-210,000 Avoidable Deaths
, Oct 22, 2020

It's Time for Trump's Top Doctors to Step Down and Speak Up
Daily Beast
, Oct 15, 2020

Scientists Are Struggling With the Feeling of Being Against a Rushed Vaccine
Slate Magazine
, Oct 9, 2020

Trump's Covid-19 Recklessness Costs the U.S. Dearly
, Oct 7, 2020

A 'herd mentality' can’t stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Neither can a weak vaccine.
National Geographic
, Oct 2, 2020

Is NYC's Second Wave on the Horizon?
, Oct 1, 2020

COVID Cases Rising 3.3 Times Faster in Hot Spot Areas Than Rest Of NYC
, Sep 27, 2020

Dr. Redlener: If things don’t change dramatically, we could have ‘600,000 - 800,000 fatalities’
, Sep 18, 2020

New York City Prepares for a Second Wave, with a Chance to Blunt the Worst
Bloomberg News
, Sep 16, 2020

Is New York's Infection Rate Artificially Low?
, Sep 5, 2020

First Reinfection Case Documented in Hong Kong
The New York Times
, Aug 25, 2020

In the Brazilian Amazon, the retreat of the coronavirus sparks questions over immunity
The Washington Post
, Aug 24, 2020

What We Do—and Do Not—Know About Herd Immunity
, Aug 24, 2020

Coronavirus Updates: Top Health Expert Urges De Blasio To Delay In-Person School Reopening
, Aug 19, 2020

New York Has Tamed the Virus. Can It Hold Off a Second Wave?
The New York Times
, Aug 17, 2020

Why disaster relief still takes so long to reach hard-hit areas
, Aug 13, 2020

The 'Second Wave' Is Still to Come and the U.S. Has No Specific Plan to Deal With It
, Aug 11, 2020

Enhancing the Impact of Well Testing for Fluoride
, Aug 8, 2020

“It’s Like We’re Flying Blind”: The US Has a Covid-19 Data Problem
, Aug 5, 2020

Why Some People Think They Aren't at Risk for Coronavirus
, Jul 31, 2020

What went wrong during the Northeast's first COVID-19 spike and is the region ready for another?
USA Today
, Jul 29, 2020

Discussing COVID-19 and crisis response with National Center for Disaster Preparedness director, author of ‘Rethinking Readiness’
Seattle Times
, Jul 28, 2020

Without A Vaccine, Researchers Say, Herd Immunity May Never Be Achieved
, Jul 24, 2020

Deepwater Horizon Still Plagues the Health of Children a Decade Later
, Jul 23, 2020

Former Chief of Health Agency Urges States to Standardize Data.
The New York Times
, Jul 22, 2020

Study on Child Transmission Raises Concern
The New York Times
, Jul 19, 2020

How Does COVID-19 Affect Kids? Science Has Answers And Gaps
Associated Press
, Jul 17, 2020

America Is on Track for a Million Coronavirus Cases a Day
Daily Beast
, Jul 16, 2020

States that reopened too quickly amid coronavirus are facing a problem: Getting the genie back in the bottle
ABC News
, Jul 12, 2020

With coronavirus science still iffy, U.S. schools hope to reopen for 56.6 million K-12 students
The Washington Post
, Jul 9, 2020

Syringes are key to coronavirus vaccine delivery. Trump is relying on two untested suppliers
Los Angeles Times
, Jul 8, 2020

6 months into the coronavirus pandemic and the US still can't get testing right
, Jul 7, 2020

'We know what we need to do': six experts address the coronavirus surge
The Guardian
, Jul 5, 2020

Africa: Investing in Digital Agriculture Can Help Africa Beat This Pandemic
All Africa
, Jul 3, 2020

As states halt reopening of bars and indoor dining, public health experts urge more caution
NBC News
, Jun 30, 2020

How Inequality Fuels COVID-19 Deaths
Project Syndicate
, Jun 29, 2020

Here's how to stop the virus from winning
National Geographic
, Jun 26, 2020

New York's Contact Tracers Are Still Facing Challenges
, Jun 26, 2020

The School Reopeners Think America Is Forgetting About Kids
The Atlantic
, Jun 25, 2020

As Coronavirus Slows, New York City Health Officials Watch Hot Spots
The Wall Street Journal
, Jun 23, 2020

How to Assess Your Coronavirus Risk Before Doing An Activity
Huff Post
, Jun 23, 2020

Rethinking Readiness
SciTech Radio
, Jun 22, 2020

How coronavirus has created a new split in American life
The Guardian
, Jun 19, 2020