2011 News Archive

December 21, 2011

In Himalayas, Assessing Climate Threats to Ice, and Water Supply

November 17, 2011

Researchers Unravel Origins of Antarctica's Ice-Covered Mountains

November 16, 2011

New York State May Soon Suffer Outsize Effects from Climate, Says Report

November 10, 2011

Trees on Tundra’s Border Are Growing Faster in a Hotter Climate

November 07, 2011

Earth Institute Receives Funds To Scale Up Effort To Reach Millennium Development Goals

October 26, 2011

Scientists Predict Faster Retreat for Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier

October 10, 2011

Scholarship Funds to Educate Girls in Africa

October 10, 2011

Natural Processes Can Limit Spread of Arsenic in Water, Says Study

October 03, 2011

New Salt Map of Seas Gives Scientists Taste of Discoveries Ahead

September 01, 2011

Humans Shaped Stone Axes 1.8 Million Years Ago, Study Says

August 24, 2011

Climate Cycles Are Driving Wars, Says Study

August 09, 2011

In a First, Scientists Successfully Forecast Undersea Eruption

July 05, 2011

Childbearing May Hinder Higher Education for Women

June 26, 2011

Ocean Currents Speed Melting of Antarctic Ice

June 08, 2011

New Google Ocean Maps Dive Deep

June 01, 2011

Cities Lead on Climate Problems, and Solutions

May 17, 2011

Earth Institute and Merck Foundation Expand Health Program in Africa’s Millennium Villages

April 28, 2011

Jeffrey Sachs Extends Term as Director of Earth Institute

April 22, 2011

Study Links Ozone Hole to Weather Shifts

April 06, 2011

Some People's Climate Beliefs Shift With Weather

March 23, 2011

Signals of Past Say Big Droughts Can Hit U.S. East

March 03, 2011

Some Antarctic Ice Is Forming From Bottom

January 18, 2011

Production Starts on Sustainable Bamboo Bikes in Ghana

January 13, 2011

2010 Tied As Hottest Year, Say U.S. Researchers

January 10, 2011

Mobile App Puts Natural World at Fingers

January 07, 2011

John Oliver, a Father of Plate Tectonics, Dies

January 05, 2011

New Initiative Launched to Help Manage Oil in Timor-Leste