Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships

The Program

Research assistantships provide opportunities for Columbia University undergraduate students to participate in hands-on sustainable development research on a range of project with Earth Institute faculty and researchers.  The program gives students the opportunity to collaborate on substantive matters of inquiry while gaining meaningful insight into various fields of study and the research process as a whole.  Students participate in all phases of research under faculty guidance; with student help, these projects develop in a way that would not be possible without their assistance.

The Projects

Research projects focus on environmental sustainability and development.  These projects include subtopics in sustainability, development economics, earth sciences, ecology, atmospheric research and environmental policy, among others.  Fostering interdisciplinary connections among the social and natural sciences is a part of the Earth Institute's mission, and research assistantships work to expand those efforts.

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To Apply

Research assistant positions are available in the fall and spring semesters to undergraduate students that are currently enrolled in Columbia or Barnard. All positions are funded at a rate of $16 per hour for up to 10 hours a week for 12 weeks (a maximum of 120 hours during the semester). Application is available here.


Fall 2020 Deadlines:
August 14 - Positions announced
September 14 - Applications due
October 1 - Decisions sent out

Spring 2021 Deadlines:
December 14 - Positions announced
January 18 - Applications due
February 5 - Decisions sent out

Application Process

Applicants will need to submit a resume that details their relevant work and educational experiences and a cover letter stating their interests and qualifications for the internship for which they are applying.

Cover letters should be addressed to Cari Shimkus, Senior Program Manager, Office of Academic and Research Programs.

For more information on the process or individual inquiries, please contact

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