Joseph Graziano

Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Pharmacology

Chair, Environmental Health Sciences


B.S., Long Island University, 1967; Ph.D., Rutgers, 1971.
Dr. Graziano's research interests include treatment of childhood lead poisoning, environmental lead exposure, pregnancy outcome and infant development, metal metabolism and neurodegenerative diseases, including genetic and environmentally induced alterations in essential mineral metabolism within neurodegenerative diseases.

His publications include "Independent effects of lead exposure and iron deficiency anemia on developmental outcome at age 2 years," J. Pediatr. (1992, with G. Wasserman and P. Factor-Litvak, et al.); and "Lead exposure and intelligence in 7-year-old children: The Yugoslavia Prospective Study," Environ. Health Perspect. (1997, with G. Wasserman and P Factor-Litvak, et al.).

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