Wallace S. Broecker

Newberry Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences


B.A., Columbia, 1953; M.A., 1954; Ph.D., 1957.
Broecker's research interests center on climate systems, especially as they involve the role of oceans in climate change. He places strong emphasis on utilizing isotopes in investigating physical mixing and chemical cycling in the ocean and the climate history as recorded in marine sediments.

Broecker's publications include: The Glacial World According to Wally (1995); "Chaotic climate," Scientific American (1995); Greenhouse Puzzles (1993, with T. Peng); The Last Deglaciation: Absolute and Radiocarbon Chronologies (1992, edited with E. Bard); "The great ocean conveyor," Oceanography (1991); "What drives glacial cycles?" Scientific American (1990, with G.H. Denton); The Carbon Cycle and Atmospheric CO2: Natural Variations Archean to Present (1985, edited with E.T. Sundquist); and Tracers in the Sea (1982).

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