Multimedia | State of the Planet 2013: Water Security

Mar, 28 2013

Opening with MC, Laura Trevelyan, BBC World News, America
Welcome, Jeff Sachs, Earth Institute

Keynote Presentation: Good Derivatives-Water, the Next Frontier, Richard Sandor, Environmental Financial Products, LLC

Panel Discussion: The World at Risk: Water Scarcity How can we provide fresh water to meet the food and energy needs of 9 billion people? Moderator: Laura Trevelyan Panelists: John Briscoe, Harvard University; Mark Cane, LDEO; Upmanu Lall, Columbia Water Center; Brian Ricter, The Nature Conservancy

Solutions for the Field (SKYPE) Speaker: Raman Ahuja, Independent Advisor

Safe Water in Developing Countries Moderator: Laura Trevelyan Speakers: Vijay Modi, Columbia University; Jeff Sachs

Solutions from the field (SKYPE) Francisco de Assis de Souza Filho, Columbia Water Center, Brazil

Panel Discussion:
The Role of Corporations: Promoting, Partnerships to Provide Access to Clean, Safewater
Moderator: Jeff Sachs Speakers: Richard Delaney, PepsiCo Inc.; Sue Tsokris, PepsiCo Foundation