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Topic: Technology

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"Services without Tears," Project Syndicate, November 24, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"A Nation of Vidiots," Project Syndicate, October 28, 2011. [Download as PDF]


"Rewriting the rule book for 21st Century capitalism." The Guardian. 28 January 2009. [Download as PDF]


Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet, Penguin Press, 2008.

"The Digital War on Poverty." The Guardian. 21 August 2008. [Download as PDF]

"A Deadline on Malaria." Scientific American. July 2008.

"A User's Guide to the Century." The National Interest. 2 July 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Less talk, more action needed." The Guardian. 25 June 2008.

"Stagflation is Back. Here's How to Beat It." Fortune. 9 June 2008.

"The African Green Revolution." Scientific American. May 2008.

"We Need a Power Surge." Time Magazine. 29 May 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Technological Keys to Climate Protection." Scientific American. March 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Climate Change after Bali." Scientific American. February 2008. [Download as PDF]


"Ending Malaria Deaths in Africa." Scientific American. October 2007. [Download as PDF]

"The Road to Clean Energy Starts Here." Scientific American. May 2007.
[Download as PDF]


"A Robust Strategy for Sustainable Energy," with Klaus Lackner. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Issue 2. 2005.
[Download article as PDF]


"La lección china a Brasil," Vanguardia Dossier, July-September 2004.
[Download article in PDF format]

"Sustainable Development," Science, April 30 2004.
[Download article in PDF format]

"Welcome to the Asian Century," Fortune Magazine, January 12, 2004
[Download article in PDF format]


"Technological Advance and Long-Term Economic Growth in Asia," with John McArthur, in Technology and the New Economy, Chong-En Bai and Chi-Wa Yuen, eds. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2002.
[Download paper in PDF]

"The Essential Ingredient," New Scientist, August 17, 2002. [Download as PDF]

"How to save the world in Johannesburg," Financial Times, August 13, 2002
[Download text of article as PDF]


"Las Patentes y Los Pobres". Reforma. 2 May 2001. [Download as PDF]


"Agriculture, Climate, and Technology: Why are the Tropics Falling Behind?" with John Luke Gallup, American Journal of Agricultural Economics.  Vol. 82, pp. 731-777, August 2000.
[Download paper as PDF]

"A New Map of the World," The Economist, June 24 2000. (Reprinted in Imagining Tomorrow: Rethinking the Global Challenge. K. Sharma, ed. UN Millenium Assembly, August 2000).
[Download article as PDF]

"Zones and Phones," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Telegraph, 22 May 2000. [Download as PDF]


"Helping the World's Poorest." The Economist, August 1999. [Download as PDF]

"An Inframarginal Analysis of the Heckscher-Olin Model with Transaction Costs and Technological Comparative Advantage," with W.L. Cheng and X. Yang, CID Working Paper No. 9, April 1999.
[Download paper as PDF]


"A Global Coalition of Good." TIME Magazine. September 2007. [Download as PDF]

"Surging Food Prices and Global Stability." Scientific American. June 2008.