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Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings on
"The Case for Reform: Foreign Aid and Development in a New Era", 22 July 2009
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"Challenges of Sustainable Development Under Globalization," lecture delivered at the University of Sydney, October 14, 2005.  Published in International Journal of Development Issues, Vol. 4, No. 2, December 2005.
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"Globalization and the Rule of Law," Lecture at the Yale Law School, October 15, 1998.
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"Onset of the East Asian Financial Crisis," with Steven Radelet, presented at NBER Currency Crisis Conference and to US Agency for International Development, January 1998. 
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"Do We Need an International Lender of Last Resort?" presented as Frank D. Graham Lecture at Princeton, April 1995.
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"Russia's Struggle with Stabilization: Conceptual Issues and Evidence," in Proceedings of the World Bank Annual Conference in Development Economics 1994, The World Bank, 1995. [Download as PDF]


"Economic Convergence and Economic Policies," with Andrew Warner, presented at conference in Prague, December 1994, as part of Asia Foundation project on Economies in Transition. Development Discussion Paper #502.
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"The IMF and Economies in Crisis," presented at London School of Economics, July 1994, forthcoming in LSE publication.

"Russia's Struggle with Stabilization: Conceptual Issues and Evidence," presented at Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics, April 28, 1994, Washington, DC. Published in conference volume.
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"Monetary Institutions and Credible Stabilizations: A Comparison of Experiences in the Baltics," with Ardo Hansson, presented at conference at Univ. of Chicago Law School, April 22-23, 1994.
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"Prospects for Monetary Stabilization in Russia," presented at the Conference on the Economic Transformation in Russia, Stockholm, June 1993. In Economic Transformation in Russia, Anders Aslund (ed.), 1994. Introduction to Paper Tigers & Minotaurs: The Politics of Venezuela's Economic Reforms, by Moises Naim, A Carnegie Endowment Book, 1993.
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"Ethics and the Global Wave of Economic Reform," prepared for the Conference on Judaism and a Just Economy,Washington, DC, May 1993.


"Privatization in Russia : Some Lessons from Eastern Europe," paper presented at ASSA meetings in New Orleans, January 1992, American Economic Review, Spring 1992. Also published in Soumitra Sharma (ed.), Development Policy (London: St. Martin's Press, Inc.), 1992.
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"Testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee--Subcommittee on European Affairs," in Asteion, a Suntory Foundation publication, Japan, Winter 1992.


"Political and Economic Determinants of Budget Deficits in the Industrial Democracies," with N. Roubini, presented at International Seminar on Macroeconomics, Tokyo, June 7-8, 1988, published in European Economic Review, Vol. 33, No. 5, pp. 903-938, 1989 (North-Holland).
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"The Debt Crisis: Structural Explanations of Country Performance," with A. Berg, presented at First InterAmerican Seminar on Economics (IASE), March 17-19, 1988, Mexico City, Journal of Development Economics 29 (1988) 271-306 (North-Holland). Spanish translation in E1 Trimestre Economico, Vol. LVI, July 1989, Mexico, special issue edited by Edmar Bacha and Sebastian Edwards.
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"A Comparison of the Japanese and U.S. Macroeconomic Responses to the Oil Price Shocks," presented at the Conference on Problems in Fiscal and Monetary Policies in the U.S. and Japan, sponsored by the Japan Ministry of Finance and the U.S.-Japan program of Harvard University, in Tokyo, August, 1981, and published in conference volume.