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Topic: Debt Relief

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"The Millennium Development Goals: running out of excuses." G8 Summit 2008 publication. July 2008.
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The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time, The Penguin Press: New York, 2005.


"How to Run the IMF," Foreign Policy, July-August 2004.
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"Resolving the Debt Crisis of Low-Income Countries," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2002:1.
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"The Charade of Debt Sustainability," Financial Times, 26 September 2000. [Download as PDF]

"Foreign Helping Hand," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Telegraph, July 4, 2000. [Download as PDF]

"Glorifying Mediocrity." The International Economy. May/June 2000, p14. [Download as PDF]

"A Blueprint for IMF Reform," with Allan Meltzer, The Wall Street Journal, March 8, 2000, The Asian Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2000, and The Wall Street Journal Europe, March 9, 2000. [Download as PDF]

"Lowering Revenue Deficit, Subsidies Hold Key to Fiscal Consolidation," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Rediff Pre-Budget Special, February 24, 2000. [Download as PDF]


"In a State of Deficit," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Telegraph, 6 December 1999. [Download as PDF]

"Cracking the Shell Game: Implementing Debt Relief for the HIPC's," in ICSW Social Development Review, September 1999.
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"Implementing Debt Relief for the HIPCs" with Kwesi Botchwey, Maciej Cuchra, and Sara Sievers. CID, August 1999. CC
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"A Millennial Gift to Developing Nations," New York Times, June 6, 1999. [Download as PDF]


"Inflation, Debt, and Liquidity," with Kevin McDonald, Harvard Business Review, May-June 1994.


"A Strategy for Efficient Debt Reduction," Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 4, No. 1, Winter 1990. Reprinted in International Economics and International Economic Policy: A Reader, Philip King (ed.), McGraw-Hill, Inc.:New York, 1995.
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"The Debt Overhang of Developing Countries," in G. Calvo et al (eds.) Debt Stabilization & Development--Essays in Memory of Carlos Diaz-Alejandro. WIDER/UNU (Helsinki) and Basil Blackwell Inc., 1989.
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"Making the Brady Plan Work," Foreign Affairs, Vol. 68, No. 3, Summer 1989.
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"New Approaches to the Latin American Debt Crisis," Princeton Studies in International Finance, No. 174, July 1989, Princeton, NJ. Spanish translation in E1 Trimestre Economico, Vol. LVI (1), No. 221, Mexico, March 1989.


"Comprehensive Debt Retirement: The Bolivian Example," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Issue 2, 1988.
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"Debt Management: A Hard Look at Realities," in Dividend, The Magazine of the School of Business Administration, University of Michigan, June, 1988, pp. 16-19.

"Interview: 'The Debt Crisis at a Turning Point'," in Challenge, May/June, 1988, Vol. 31, No. 3, pp. 17-26. [Download as PDF]


"A Debt Writedown Would Send Bank Stocks Up," in The International Economy, October/November, 1987, Volume 1, No. 1, pp. 96-97.


"A New Approach for Managing the Debt Crisis," The Columbia Journal of World Business, Vol. XXI, No. 3, Fall 1986.
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"Conditionality, Debt Relief, and the Developing Country Debt Crisis," Harvard and NBER, mimeo, April, 1986. [Download as PDF]


"Future Fiscal Shock," The New Republic, March 18, 1985.


"LDC Debt: Problems and Prospects," in P. Wachtel (ed.), Crises in the Economic and Financial Structure, (Lexington Books, 1982) and LDC Debt in the 1980s: Risks and Reforms.


"Debt Reduction: the Basis and Shape of a New Strategy," with Josef Kneer, in Intereconomics, January/February 1990.
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