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posted 03/03/01

Miles Below Antarctic Ice,
a Freshwater Lake May Harbor Ancient Life

By Robert Lee Hotz, L.A. Times Science Writer

Part 5: Photo Gallery and Links

Field camp of United States Antarctic Program at Vostok. The picture shows the tents used for living and working and the DeHavilland Twin Otter aircraft used for the aerogeophysical survey. © M. Studinger, 2001

Michael Studinger from LDEO and Libor Zicha and Jim Cook from RPSC traversing the ice above Lake Vostok with snow mobiles for seismic and GPS measurements. © M. Studinger, 2001

Geodetic Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements can be used to estimate the movement of the ice sheet over the lake. The ice flows with about 1 cm/day. Photo shows GPS antenna and GPS receiver used for ice-flow measurements. © M. Studinger, 2001

Satellite images of several large lakes shown at the same scale. Radarsat image of Lake Vostok (upper left). Lake Vostok shows as the flat featureless region. AVHRR false color composite image of Lake Ontario, a glacially scoured lake in North America (upper right). AVHRR image of Lake Malawi, an active rift lake from the East African rift system.
© R. E. Bell / M. Studinger, 2001

Radarsat image of Lake Vostok with flight lines from aerogeophysical survey. Radarsat image is courtesy of NASA-GSFC

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