Sustainable South Bronx: Greening an Industry Advisor: Gail Suchman

Working with Sustainable South Bronx, a community group focused on implementing sustainable development and environmental justice in the Bronx, this team addressed water quality problems caused by the Hunts Point Markets. Evaluating both stormwater and wastewater, students examined the problem, researched technology options, assessed the feasibility of the options, and provided final recommendations.  With problems ranging from produce debris and high hot water usage, to lack of pollution treatment and the dangers surrounding blackwater containing pathogens, the group proposed both short term and long term solutions.  Some of the short-term recommendations included rain gardens, greenroofs, and water conservation, education and awareness, while some of the long term solutions including wetland reconstruction, a Baysaver Separation System, stormfilters, and steam or hot water chillers.

see workshop presentation [flashpaper]

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