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posted 05/21/03

Five Earth Institute Speakers To Participate In Sustainability Conference In Paris

How will global public policy for sustainable development evolve? What forces should shape it? These will be some of the issues discussed at Revisiting Global Policies for Sustainable Development, a conference in Paris next week sponsored by the Alliance Program, a French political science academy, with participation from Columbia’s Earth Institute and the School of International and Public Affairs. Earth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs will deliver the keynote speech to the conference on May 26.

Christine Alfsen-Norodom and Dana Fisher will participate in the panel called “Which Governance for Sustainable Development?” The panel will explore how the design and implementation of global governance is influenced by various stakeholders, including state and civil society members, international organizations and transnational structures, and how governance impacts the management of sustainable development.

Both Josh Ruxin of the Center for Global Health and Economic Development and Malaria expert Awash Teklehaimanot, also of CGHED, will participate as panelists on the Public Health panel. This panel addresses questions of intellectual property from the perspective of public health and sustainable development, such as questions of property rights on living genetic material and the availability of and access to pharmaceuticals. To which extent can international cooperation address that particular issue and more generally help poorer countries face the challenges of public health?

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