The Earth Institute Annual Donor Report 2008

The Earth Institute Annual Donor Report 2008

This 44-page report features stories about some of the groundbreaking work conducted at the Earth Institute, Columbia University, especially in the areas of climate and water.

The vast body of work represented in these pages only skims the surface of the diverse educational programs, initiatives and research projects conducted by Columbia University’s extraordinary faculty, scientists and students whose collective knowledge drives the Earth Institute’s agenda and impact on policy and decision making at local, regional, national and global levels.

From providing scholarship support to help building endowments and funding research, our donors remain an important part of this extraordinary work. We are heartened and grateful for the calls we receive every day from concerned citizens asking “What can I do to help?” Thank you for recognizing the unique contribution we are making to solving the most pressing global issues of the day.

We invite you to read through the sections of the donor report below and then check out our giving page, to learn more about ongoing projects that need your support.



Climate Change: A Call to Action


Global Water: The Emerging Crisis of the 21st Century


Inside the Earth Institute


Campaign Highlights