Environmental and Sustainable Development Programs Open House Held on October 20

Environmental and Sustainable Development Programs Open House Held on October 20

On October 20, 2008, Columbia University’s fifth annual campus-wide Environmental and Sustainable Development Programs Open house was held in Low Memorial Library. Sponsored by the Earth Institute, the event gave representatives from each of the 29 environment and sustainable development education programs associated with the Earth Institute the chance to speak with around 300 current and prospective students about their available opportunities.  The Earth Institute’s Office of Academic and Research Programs facilitated the event and brought together program directors and students in a face-to-face dialogue about how these programs can help students reach their goals.

“The Open House was a great opportunity for students to come learn about Columbia's environmental programs,” said Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology Undergraduate Studies and Post-baccalaureate Program Director Matthew Palmer. “I spoke with high school applicants, undergraduate transfer applicants, enrolled undergraduates, and graduates of other schools interested in our postbaccalaureate and graduate programs in E3B.   Having representatives from many programs under one roof made it easy for students to compare all that we have to offer.”

With current global issues urgently requiring a generation of responsible and trained environmental and sustainable development professionals, more and more students are taking up the challenge and enrolling in Columbia’s degree and non-degree programs in development, environmental engineering, earth science, conservation biology, environmental policy and more. Our programs include undergraduate majors and special concentrations, master’s and Ph.D. programs, post-baccalaureate and certificate courses of study. Whether you are interested in becoming an environmental consultant, a development practitioner, or a field scientist, the Earth Institute has a program for you.

Said Louise Rosen, Director of the Earth Institute’s Office of Academic and Research Programs, “Columbia University houses a remarkable depth and breadth of academic programs and resources for students interested in environment and sustainable development. We host this Open House each year so that interested students can learn about how our many programs will equip them to address the most pressing development and environmental challenges of our time.”

The Environmental and Sustainable Development Programs Open House attracted a diverse crowd, from high school students and parents to prospective Ph.D. students to professionals. Students learned not only about the diverse environmental and sustainable development programs but also about how these programs have helped alumni achieve success as practitioners in the field.

These programs, along with several non-degree programs, are part of the University’s growing commitment to environmental and sustainable development education. If you want to learn more about these education programs, but you weren’t able to attend the event, you can find more information (including contact information and application deadlines) at

Programs present at the Open House:

B.A., Earth and Environmental Science
B.A., Concentration and Post-Baccalaureate; Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
B.S., Earth and Environmental Engineering
Barnard – B.A., Environmental Science
Barnard – B.A., Environmental Biology
Barnard – B.A., Environmental Policy
Special Concentration in Sustainable Development

M.A., Climate and Society
M.A., Conservation Biology
M.A./M.S., Earth and Environmental Science Journalism
M.S., Earth Resources Engineering
M.P.A., Environmental Science and Policy
M.P.A., Development Practice
M.P.H., Environmental Health Sciences
M.I.A./M.P.A., Environmental Policy
M.I.A./M.P.A., International Energy Management and Policy
Ph.D., Sustainable Development
Ph.D., Eng. Sc.D., Earth and Environmental Engineering
Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ph.D., Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Dr.PH, Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences
Ph.D., Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Ph.D, IGERT Joint Program

The Earth Institute Fellows Program
The Marie Tharp Visiting Fellowship
Science Teacher Education Program
Certificate in Conservation Biology
Summer Ecosystem Experiences for Undergraduates