Summer Internships at The Earth Institute

Summer Internships at The Earth Institute

The Earth Institute at Columbia University aims to create a rich educational environment for study in the earth and environmental sciences. One way that it accomplishes this objective is by providing a breadth of internship opportunities—part-time during both semesters and full-time over the summer—for graduate and undergraduate students at Columbia.

Through these internship programs, students are engaged in cutting-edge research with influential members of the science community. While this is a valuable educational experience for the students, the researchers also benefit from the enthusiasm and energy of student interns and research assistants. Interns work with scientists from the various centers and departments affiliated with the Earth Institute.

This summer 2008, the Earth Institute has offered approximately twenty full-time paid internships to both graduate and undergraduate students, who will earn between $12 and $15 an hour and work for 35 hours each week. Students have secured the following positions with EI research centers and departments.

Work varies from administrative and research assistance, report write ups, and project coordination for the Global Roundtable on Climate Change, the Urban Design Lab, and International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) to laboratory chemical synthesizing for the Department of Earth & Environmental Engineering and the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy. Lab work also includes the International Research Institute for Climate and Society’s internships for climate relationships with malaria risk and the Department of Civil Engineering’s internship for performing experiments on the transport of microbial pathogens through soil columns. A number of internships also involve outdoor fieldwork, such as work for the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences in Alaska on Arctic plant biology and fieldwork at Black Rock Forest in New York on the rate of soil respiration. CIESIN has provided positions for interns in working on research and educational inventory and analysis on the assessment of Earth Institute activities regarding China and for identifying hotspots of emerging infectious diseases.

While the application date for these internships has already passed, if you are interested in applying, the Earth Institute does offer full-time positions every summer and part-time positions every semester. So keep an eye on our website updates and be on the lookout for upcoming fall opportunities!