2007 Environmental and Sustainable Development Programs Open House

2007 Environmental and Sustainable Development Programs Open House

The Office of Academic and Research Programs at the Earth Institute at Columbia University recently held the fourth annual campus-wide Environmental and Sustainable Development Programs Open House in the Low Library RotundaRepresentatives from each of the26 programs associated with the Earth Institute spoke with over 250 current and prospective students about their programs and the different opportunities available to students.  It was an exciting opportunity for prospective students to meet face-to-face with program directors and current students.

With current global issues from climate change to biodiversity loss, more and more students are taking the opportunity to enroll in environmental and sustainable development programs.  Louise Rosen, Director of the Office of Academic and Research Programs, explains “There is a growing need for individuals who are educated in the environmental and sustainable development sector to address these current global problems; this Open House provides interested students the opportunity to learn about the phenomenal breadth of resources at Columbia University.”

This Fall saw the launch of the new undergraduate Special Concentration in Sustainable Development; many current and prospective students came to learn more about this unique program.  As an interdisciplinary program, this new special concentration has attracted students from across the campus in the natural and social. 

The Environmental and Sustainable Development Programs Open House attracted a very diverse crowd, from high school students and parents to post-docs and professionals.  Courses of study ranging from Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology to Environmental Policy and Climate and Society, were represented at this open house, showing the diversity of environmental and sustainable development programs offered at Columbia University and its growing commitment to environmental education.    

Below is a list of the programs who participated in this event:


BA, Earth and Environmental Science
BA, Ecology Evolution, and Environmental Biology
BS, Earth and Environmental Engineering  
Barnard – BA, Environmental Science  
Barnard – BA, Environmental Biology
Barnard, BA, Environmental Policy  
Special Concentration in Sustainable Development  


MA, Climate and Society
MA, Conservation Biology
MA/MS, Earth and Environmental Science Journalism
MS, Earth Resources Engineering  
MPA, Environmental Science and Policy

MPH, Environmental Health Sciences
MIA/MPA, Environmental Policy
MIA/MPA, International Energy Management and Policy
PhD, Sustainable Development
PhD, Eng. ScD., Earth and Environmental Engineering
PhD, Earth and Environmental Science
PhD, Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

Dr.PH, PhD, Environmental Health Sciences
PhD, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences


The Earth Institute Fellows Programs
The Marie Tharp Visiting Fellowship
Science Teacher Education Program
Certificate in Conservation Biology
Summer Ecosystem Experiences for Undergraduates