Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

New York City’s Sustainable Dream

Huffington Post, Sept. 19, 2016
by Steve Cohen

Louisiana Awaits Help As Media Moves On

Daily Beast, Sept. 18, 2016
by Irwin Redlener and Rebekah Gee

Farming and Air Pollution

BBC Science in Action, May 19, 2016

Earth Day 2016: Do People Still Care?

Christian Science Monitor, Apr. 22, 2016

Arsenic Threat Looms Large in India

InterPress Service, Apr. 20, 2016

University Drafts Sustainability Principles

Columbia Spectator, Mar. 23, 2016

To Fight Zika, Learn From Ebola

Harvard Business Review, Feb. 5, 2016

Sustain What?

New York Times, Dec. 31, 2015

Arsenic Contaminates India's Groundwater

Scientific American, Dec. 29, 2015

Climate and the Khan

Discover, Sept. 1, 2015

A Conversation With Steven Cohen

Sag Harbor News, Aug. 30, 2015

Transition to Sustainability

The East Hampton Star, Aug. 20, 2015

Plundering the Poor After Disasters

WNYC Leonard Lopate, Aug. 10, 2015

Time for a More Modern Energy System

U.S. News & World Report, Aug. 5, 2015

Can Living With Drought Cause Trauma?

The Nation, Jul. 20, 2015

Steps Forward in Haiti, Backward at Home

Huffington Post, Jul. 1, 2015

Energizing Africa's Green Revolution

New York Times, Jun. 26, 2015

How Bangladesh Became a Model for Reducing Hunger

Christian Science Monitor, Jun. 17, 2015

Seeds of Hope

Columbia magazine, May 20, 2015

How Congress Caused the Amtrak Crash

Daily Beast, May 20, 2015

World Food System Has Grown More Vulnerable

Environmental Research Web, Apr. 22, 2015

Earth Day, Climate Change and the God of Small Things

Environmental Health News, Apr. 22, 2015

Who's Afraid of a Mass Extinction?

PBS SciTech Now, Mar. 25, 2015

A Thirsty, Violent World

The New Yorker, Feb. 24, 2015

What Haiti Needs to Do Next

Time, Jan. 12, 2015

Five Years After the Haiti Earthquake

Al Jazeera, Jan. 11, 2015

Secondary Schools' Primary Importance

Project Syndicate, Dec. 19, 2014

A Pacific Isle, Radioactive and Forgotten

New York Times, Dec. 4, 2014

'Basic Systems' Needed to Stop Ebola Epidemic

MSNBC Morning Joe, Oct. 6, 2014

Students Kill Invasive Wetland Plants

National Geographic News, Sept. 20, 2014

Does Power Drive People Mad?

World Post, Aug. 29, 2014

Growing All the Food, Using Half the Water

Scientific American, Aug. 1, 2014

Amazon Oil Spill Kills Fish, Sickens People

Environmental Health News, Jul. 23, 2014

Steven Cohen on Understanding Environmental Policy

Columbia University Press, Jun. 25, 2014

Making Every Day the Day of the African Child

Huffington Post, Jun. 18, 2014

All the Food, Using Half the Water

Scientific American, Jun. 17, 2014

Federal Budget Proposals Split Over Energy

International Business Times, Apr. 6, 2014

Sustainability and Management Competence

World Financial Review, Mar. 31, 2014

Digging Deep for Safer Water

Chemistry World, Mar. 27, 2014

Time for a New Wave of Privatization?

The Economist, Feb. 3, 2014

Biology's Coefficient

The Scientist, Dec. 1, 2013

3 Natural Disasters We're Expecting

Al Jazeera, Sept. 23, 2013

UN Brainstorms Next Round of Development Goals

Columbia Spectator, Sept. 19, 2013

How to Measure Global Happiness

Bloomberg TV, Sept. 10, 2013

Assessing Slash and Burn Agriculture

WAMC public radio, Aug. 9, 2013

Managing Water in a Dry Land

Huffington Post, Jun. 19, 2013

All Around U.S., Risks of Water Crisis Loom

Business Insider, May 21, 2013

Can the World Afford Cheap Water?

Scientific American, Mar. 29, 2013

America's Water: The World's Water

Huffington Post, Mar. 22, 2013

How to Triple Food Production in Africa

Huffington Post, Mar. 19, 2013

Global Water Crisis: Is It Mainly Lack of a Plan?

Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 4, 2012

Irrigation Pioneer Wins World Food Prize

Voice of America, Oct. 17, 2012

Still Seeking a 'Plan A' for Sustainability

Scientific American, Oct. 15, 2012

Paying the True Cost of Fossil Fuels

LiveScience, Oct. 12, 2012

Earth, Seen From Above

WAMC public radio, Aug. 24, 2012

Irrigation Pioneer Garners Top Prize

The Jewish Week, Jun. 27, 2012

Geeks for Good

The Economist, Jun. 27, 2012

Putting a Pricetag on Natural Disasters, Jun. 14, 2012

Water, Food and Air Are Not Free

Earth Times, Jun. 7, 2012

Growing Food Demand Strains Water, Energy Supplies

National Geographic News, Apr. 6, 2012

The Global Energy-Water Food Challenge

Huffington Post, Mar. 22, 2012

Dire Poverty Falls Despite Global Slump

New York Times, Mar. 7, 2012

Achieving World Food Security

WNYC Leonard Lopate, Feb. 17, 2012

Minerals: An Ethical Minefield

The Mark, Feb. 9, 2012

How to Save the World From Overpopulation

WNYC Leonard Lopate, Jan. 27, 2012

Human Evolution and Sustainable Development

WAMC public radio, Jan. 24, 2012

How to Save the Global Water Supply

WNYC Leonard Lopate, Jan. 20, 2012

Will the Next War Be Fought Over Water?

The Big Think, Dec. 23, 2011

'Unresolvable' Conflicts: What to Do?

This American Life, Dec. 16, 2011

Civil War and El Nino

WAMC public radio, Nov. 24, 2011

Top 10 Population Trends on Earth

Earth & Sky, Nov. 6, 2011

7 Billion and Counting

WNYC Brian Lehrer, Nov. 4, 2011

Population Researchers Find Room in Academe

Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 30, 2011

7 Billion People: How Can This Go On?

Scientific American, Oct. 28, 2011

Can Humanity Handle 7 Billion?

New York Times, Oct. 24, 2011

Scaling Up the Millennium Villages

Open Society, Oct. 4, 2011

Ban Ki-moon on the Power to End Poverty

Project Syndicate, Oct. 3, 2011

Hydrofracking, Reassessed

WNYC Brian Lehrer, Aug. 26, 2011

The Mathematics of Middle East Peace

Huffington Post, Jul. 5, 2011
by Peter T. Coleman

China's Water Problem

WNYC Brian Lehrer, Jun. 10, 2011

Are Peacemakers Helping or Harming?

Huffington Post, May 27, 2011
by Peter T. Coleman

Business Education and Sustainability

WAMC Radio, May 5, 2011
by Steven Cohen

Can the World Support 10 Billion People?

New York Times, May 4, 2011
by Joel E. Cohen

India: Arid Land, Thirsty Crops

Scientific American, Apr. 1, 2011

Pedro Sanchez, Soil Scientist

UCal Science Communication, Mar. 28, 2011

Africa's Weather Data Should Be Free

Global Post, Mar. 25, 2011

Natural Disasters and the Poor

WAMC Radio, Mar. 21, 2011
by John Mutter

Meningitis: The Role of Dust

IRIN, Feb. 14, 2011

Bamboo Bikes Hit Big Time

Treehugger, Jan. 21, 2011

From Gray Matter to Green Matter

Columbia Spectator, Jan. 19, 2011

Accra Joins Millennium Cities

Modern Ghana, Jan. 3, 2011

Groundwater 'Mining' in India Reaches New Lows

National Geographic News, Dec. 31, 2010

Columbia Looks Toward Four New Global Centers

Columbia Spectator, Dec. 3, 2010

A Sugar and Salt Solution to Cholera

New York Times, Nov. 5, 2010

Has the UN Made the World a Better Place?

NPR Talk of the Nation, Sept. 20, 2010

In Kenya, Proof the Millennium Goals Can Work

The Independent, Sept. 20, 2010

Millennium Goals, Five Years to Go

NYTIMES, Sept. 17, 2010
by Jeffrey D. Sachs

The Irrigation Juggernaut

New York Times, Sept. 9, 2010

Beyond Oil: Corporate Influence and Regulation

OnEarth, Aug. 30, 2010
by Steve Cohen

Disasters Widen the Rich-Poor Gap

Nature, Aug. 25, 2010
by John Mutter

Hunger: The Growing Problem

Nature, Jul. 29, 2010

Education for a Sustainable Future

Times of India, Jul. 19, 2010

India's Nexus of Energy, Food and Water

Circle of Blue, Jun. 4, 2010

Low-Cost Thrills in Millennium Village Data

Huffington Post, May 31, 2010

Water: Making Farmers Matter

The Economist, May 20, 2010

Tripling Crop Yields in Tropical Africa

Nature Geoscience, May 10, 2010
by Pedro A. Sanchez

TIME Award Validates Work in Africa

Springfield State Journal-Register, May 10, 2010

Not Just World Malaria Day

Global Post, Apr. 26, 2010

A High-Minded Look at Electric Cars

New York Times blogs, Apr. 23, 2010

Earth Day at 40

National Geographic News, Apr. 22, 2010

Global Business

BBC World Service, Mar. 30, 2010
Peter Day on the Millennium Villages

State of the Planet

WNYC, Mar. 24, 2010

Sustaining Developments

Columbia Spectator, Mar. 21, 2010

Columbia University Coming to India

Times of India, Mar. 18, 2010

Chile, Haiti: The Difference

OECD Insights, Mar. 17, 2010

Shower of Aid Brings Flood of Progress

New York Times, Mar. 10, 2010

Columbia Launches Sustainable Development Major

Columbia Spectator, Mar. 9, 2010

Cultivating New Talent in Land Use

Nature Jobs, Mar. 3, 2010

Again the Phantom City Burns

OECD Insights, Feb. 22, 2010

University Creates Network of Global Centers

Columbia Spectator, Feb. 16, 2010

Defining Environmental Migrants

Policy Innovations, Feb. 11, 2010

City Dwellers Drive 21st Century Deforestation

Scientific American, Feb. 8, 2010

Haiti: How Greening Hillsides Can Help

Huffington Post, Feb. 5, 2010

Greening Haiti Can Bolster Recovery

Water and the World, Feb. 4, 2010

Next Tragedy in Haiti?

Epoca, Jan. 27, 2010
(in Portuguese)

Donors Face Quandary in Haiti

NPR Talk of the Nation, Jan. 26, 2010

Rebuilding Haiti From the Roots Up

Living on Earth, Jan. 22, 2010

Aid Must Target Haiti's Underlying Issues

NPR All Things Considered, Jan. 22, 2010

What Does Rebuilding Haiti Mean?

OECD Insights, Jan. 21, 2010
by John Mutter

Haiti: Like Katrina, Only Worse

CNN, Jan. 19, 2010
by John Mutter

Accra Declared Millennium City

Peacefm online, Jan. 15, 2010

Progress Report of a Millennium Village

New York Times blogs, Jan. 15, 2010

What Does Obama's Nobel Mean?

NPR The Takeaway, Dec. 10, 2009

Does the World Need Meat?

BBC News, Dec. 1, 2009

The Great Generalists

Global Brief, Nov. 1, 2009

Can Renewable Energy Save the World?

Wall Street Pit, Oct. 30, 2009
by Geoffrey Heal

You Can't Eat Potential

On Line Opinion, Oct. 7, 2009
by Glenn Denning

Is Sustainable Agriculture Possible?

Earth & Sky, Oct. 5, 2009

Growing Population Poses Malthusian Question

Scientific American, Oct. 2, 2009

Drought? What Drought?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Oct. 2, 2009

Climate Insurance in Africa--For $5 a Year

New York Times, Sept. 30, 2009

Looming Global Scale Failures

Science, Sept. 11, 2009

Resolving Intractable Conflicts

Teachers College News, Sept. 9, 2009

Clunker Program's Environmental Benefits Questioned

NPR Weekend Edition, Aug. 23, 2009

A Bold Soil-Mapping Venture

New York Times, Aug. 7, 2009

Digital Soil Map of the World

Science, Aug. 7, 2009

Exhausted Earth

Reuters blogs, Jul. 16, 2009
Climate Researcher Stuart Gaffin's blog

Can We Talk About Overpopulation?

Columbia, Jul. 15, 2009

A New Approach to Global Problem Solving

Huffington Post, Jul. 13, 2009
by John W. McArthur

Beacon of Hope in Africa

CNN blogs, Jul. 13, 2009
by Josh Ruxin

End Mountaintop Removal

environment360, Jun. 22, 2009
by James E. Hansen

The Global Food Crisis

National Geographic, Jun. 1, 2009

The Truth About Water Wars

Seed, May 14, 2009

Engineering Project Promotes Sustainability

Columbia Spectator, Apr. 23, 2009

World's Cleanest Countries

Forbes, Apr. 15, 2009

Latest Population Bombs and Busts

New York Times, Mar. 13, 2009

A Smarter Way to Combat Hunger

Nature, Mar. 12, 2009
by Pedro A. Sanchez

Obama Green Team Must Make Up for Lost Time

Columbia Record, Jan. 24, 2009

10 Best Green Jobs

Fast Company, Jan. 14, 2009

Obama's Green Team

Popular Science, Dec. 18, 2008

Make Secondary Education Universal

Nature, Dec. 4, 2008
by Joel E. Cohen

Ensuring That Gifts Go Where They're Needed

New York Times, Nov. 11, 2008

Rwanda's Millennium Villages

PBS Frontline, Nov. 10, 2008

Making Microfinance Work

The, Sept. 16, 2008

You Think Oil's Going Down? Think Again, Aug. 1, 2008

Green Countries

Newsweek, Jul. 7, 2008

Still Counting Katrina's Dead

Huffington Post, Jun. 28, 2008

Africa needs a farming revolution, experts say

McClatchy Washington Bureau, Jun. 20, 2008

Sustaining growth is the century's big challenge

Financial Times Comment, Jun. 11, 2008

Uganda: Churning Money From Banana Leaves

The Monitor (Kampala), Jun. 2, 2008

Fighting Poverty, Village By Village, May 29, 2008

The seeds of controversy

Ottawa Citizen, May 28, 2008

African Agriculture

Council on Foreign Relations, May 28, 2008

Famine Looms As Wars Rend Horn of Africa

New York Times, May 17, 2008

The Clock Is Running Out

ScienceAlert, May 15, 2008

8 Ways to Fix the Global Food Crisis

US News & World Report, May 9, 2008

Why the 1930s Dust Bowl Was So Bad

LiveScience, May 5, 2008

Global Food Crisis a 'Silent Tsunami'

NPR Talk of the Nation, Apr. 28, 2008

10 Fixes for the Planet

Newsweek, Apr. 14, 2008

Rice Riots: The Global Food Shortage

WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show, Apr. 10, 2008

World Water Day

NPR Science Friday, Mar. 21, 2008

Eradicate Malaria? Doubters Fuel Debate

New York Times, Mar. 4, 2008

Millennium Promise

Apogee Photo, Mar. 1, 2008

Study Shows Emerging Diseases on Rise

NPR Morning Edition, Feb. 21, 2008

Emerging Infectious Diseases on the Rise

ScienceDaily, Feb. 21, 2008

Britain Is Hotspot of New Germs Says New Study

The Telegraph (London), Feb. 21, 2008

A Not So Mythic Amazonian

NPR, Feb. 4, 2008

Bamboo Shoots and Trees, Nov. 5, 2007

Is a Green Revolution Finally Blooming in Africa?, Nov. 1, 2007

Seeds of Change in Rwanda

TIME, Sept. 26, 2007

An African Revolution

Newsweek, Aug. 21, 2007

Going Up or Down

The Economist, Jun. 7, 2007

What Should a Billionaire Give – and What Should You?

New York Times Magazine, Dec. 17, 2006

It Takes a Village to Save the MDGs

InterPress News Service, May 5, 2006

Not Out of the Woods Just Yet

New York Times, Apr. 20, 2006

Forecasting Malaria

BBC Radio, Mar. 16, 2006

How Can Scientists Help Address Poverty?

NPR Talk of the Nation, Feb. 27, 2006

Fresh Heat for Energy Policy

Business Week, Sept. 20, 2005

Human Population Grows Up

Scientific American, Sept. 1, 2005

Africa: The Human Footprint

National Geographic, Sept. 1, 2005

Bangladesh’s Deadly Wells

New York Times, Jul. 30, 2005

When Will We Tame the Oceans?

Nature, Jul. 14, 2005

Cutting World Hunger in Half

Science, Jan. 21, 2005

The Next Green Revolution

New York Times, Oct. 6, 2004

A Healthy Child Is a Better Student

Education Week News, Aug. 6, 2004