Himalayan Project Wins Progressive Sustainability Award

Himalayan Project Wins Progressive Sustainability Award

posted 7/30/2007

After winning the 2005 Andrew Wellington Cordier Essay Contest, students J.P Leous '06 and Neal Parry '06 from the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) used the prize money to begin the Leous/Parry Award for Progressive Sustainability. With additional funding solicited from various sources the Award supports interdisciplinary approaches to protecting the environment and promotes collaboration from across the University to address policy issues. Presented for the first time at SIPA's 2007 commencement, the Award recognizes the best student paper or project that identifies a social or political problem, highlights the environmental issues at stake, and presents a thorough cross-disciplinary solution.

This Award’s inagural recipient is Manoj Bhatt. Born in a remote Himalayan village, Mr. Bhatt is the first member of his family to receive a university education, and used this opportunity to participate in a unique nonviolent and secular mass movement in 1994-95 that established the Indian state of Uttaranchal in 2000.

The recipient of many distinguished awards, including a Rainer Arnhold Fellowship and an International Ford Fellowship to study at Columbia University, Mr. Bhatt’s personal and professional focus centers around Himalayan conservation through sustainable business development.

His Leous/ Parry Award-winning Conservation Community Project seeks to assist rural Himalayan communities by developing sustainable local economic opportunities in eco-tourism services and forestry-based carbon offset projects.

Read Mr. Bhatt’s thorough and succinct report.

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