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The Importance of Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is one of the most important concerns of our time. Our planet is critically threatened by environmental degradation, extreme poverty, and widespread hunger. Tackling these complex challenges requires an extraordinary level of cooperation among people throughout the world and the belief that human problems can be solved.

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Our Approach to Finding Solutions

Here at the Earth Institute, we are finding solutions to our planet’s complex challenges through an innovative, interdisciplinary approach that combines research, education, action and outreach.  We are harnessing the resources of Columbia University and the expertise of our network of more than 30 research centers and programs and 850 scientists, researchers and students to find interdisciplinary solutions to the world’s most urgent problems. 

The Impact of Your Support

The timely and relevant work of the Earth Institute is funded by individuals, foundations, corporations and organizations that share our commitment to addressing global challenges in ways that have a profound and lasting impact on the world’s citizens. View our most recent annual donor report and our donor news section to learn more about the vital role that our supporters play. 

The Earth Institute is a part of Columbia University and a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Gifts to the Earth Institute are fully deductible under the law.